Some things in life could be so embarrassing as walking around having cold sores in your mouth, most especially when lots of people knows that cold sore is just one more term for herpes. Yes indeed, majority of people who are being diagnosed with mouth or oral herpes finds it hard to imagine their selves living the normal life. The herpes virus can spread as far as in the gums and the tongue. Oral herpes is contagious as well that even the toddlers who don’t wash their hands could contract the disease.

What will happen if you get infected?

Once you have sexual contract with a person who has infected with herpes virus, you need to wait as much as some couple of weeks before you can detect the symptom. It is because the mouth herpes follow some certain cycle. After contact, herpes virus will enter your system through the skin. When the immune system fights back, it is how you develop fever that is one of the early signs of herpes.

After that, the virus will travel then to the spinal area where this can reproduce amid the nervous tissue. This is the reason why the person infected experience back pain.  After a couple of weeks, you will begin to have blisters around the oral part. After the first breakout, the virus then will remain dormant for time being till it is triggered to produce again. There is a remedy against herpes virus.

How can you have mouth herpes?

One of the most common ways of having this kind of condition is when you have a child and you were kissed. So here are things that you can do with regards to mouth herpes:

You have to do nothing- mouth herpes normally ends within 6 years. You have to wait, although it is really a long time, and being with oral herpes is contagious.

Go and visit the med and ask for advice- this can be expensive, but it can be the best thing that you can do. However, if you do not like to know that you are suffering from herpes, you can try some alternatives like the natural methods

Natural healing- you can try a couple of methods. You can use some ice in the infected part for about ten to fifteen minutes when you have spot the blister. Then remover it for ten to fifteen seconds, repeat again the process.

You have to remember that during the outbreak, you can just spread mouth herpes when kissing. You have to be aware that the person that your in a relationship, or family member, so you don’t spread it.

Staying Outbreak Free

And since there’s no know treatment for mouth herpes or some any type of herpes, the best that you can do is to remain free from the recurrences or the outbreak. One way that you can do is to prevent factors which can trigger the flare-up, such arginine rich food, emotional as well as physical stress, unprotected sex, sun exposure and many more. You can refrain also from touching the infected part at the same time as there are lesions.