You often hear people complain about red blisters in their mouth or near their mouth. What is this called? Well, it’s a skin infection that results from the exposure to some herpes simplex virus. The herpes infection is categorized to two kinds which is the genital herpes and the oral herpes. As its name suggests, oral herpes affect the mouth and the genital herpes infect the sex organs. Though herpes occur in both men and women only a few people know about its being symptoms of herpes.

Oral Herpes Symptoms in Men

If herpes simplex viruses invade the mouth, this can be the cause of great discomfort. The oral herpes symptom in men occurs in a form of sores that are nothing bit the blisters which are seen in the clusters and its cause’s pain when you touched. This sore is normally seen near the mouth, however at times it appears in the mouth.

One of the commonly affected parts in oral herpes is the lips. If the viral infection spread in the mouth, the sore will begin to appear in the tongue and gums. The roof in your mouth as well as the inner cheeks, shows soars to indicate the presence of the herpes inside your mouth. In some cases, the sore affects the throat as well and in such instances this internal infection would definitely be troublesome.

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Mouth herpes symptom in men triggers some burning sensation, particularly when drinking water and eating. At times, the pain can be so unbearable, even when swallowing the food. In some words the pain as this getting worst during meals and the blisters that was formed because of the simplex herpes virus can break open and then leak the fluids.

Genital Herpes Symptom in Men

Herpes virus affects the genital areas like the penis, rectum and the scrotum that can be really painful most especially during a sexual intercourse. It happens due to the genitals shows skin growth in a form of some red bumps and sore. Genital herpes usually causes continuous itching in all affected area.

With the presence of herpes in the genitals, sexual intercourse can no longer give pleasure. Painful urination is also one of the most usual genital herpes symptoms in men. On the other hand, when viral infections are meek living with the herpes simplex is simple and they may not even learn that he’s suffering from the genital herpes infection.

Early Herpes Symptom in Men

And even before the sore develop, the exposed part begins itching and accompanied through an unusual burning sensation. In early stage of herpes infection, the augment in body temperature is as well observed. A person may also experience headaches, fatigue, and some muscle aches. Inflamed lymph nodes as well as inflammation of the gland in the groin and neck area are as well an indication of the onset of herpes. This can continue for some days after the exposure in virus. And once it stipulated time is ended, blisters starts to form in the affected areas.

Genital herpes symptom in men happens as the consequence of having sexual intercourse with someone who is affected with an HSV virus. On the other hand, men can protect their self against this virus by using condoms.