Herpes is identified to be an infection causes hurtful sores and blisters. There are different types of herpes, but no matter what is its kind all of them are can be passed on from the carrier to another. Herpes zoster virus causes shingles and chicken pox and herpes simplex virus causes genital and oral herpes. It is observe that the virus infection has no cure. However, even if there are medications that can be applied to remove signs for the virus to reoccur again, way back then there is possible way to prevent it from spreading once contact is made from the person carrying the virus. Just recently, researchers developed herpes vaccine to avoid the spreading of the infection.

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Since the herpes vaccines were developed there are several of them that are identified to be very effective. Because of that, the vaccine is in demand not only in US but as well as to other countries. Among all of those vaccine the most sought after is the one that is use for genital herpes. This is the type of herpes that is acquired because of herpes simplex two infections. This affects about 55 million residents of United States alone. Before getting the vaccine it is essential to know the how this vaccine works.

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Basically, genital herpes infects cells within the body. It produces protein identified to be ICPO. The ICPO becomes risky and enables the infected cells to damage their own shelters. This is the time that virus multiplies and takes over the body. The virus mostly affects the huge group of cells. In order to prevent this thing to happen, herpes vaccine is use. This vaccine is the one that alleviate the genetic instructions of creating the ICPO protein. Not having these instructions, allows herpes not to produce the protein that will destroy the cells. There are also vaccines that are use to in order to wane the virus they are the yellow fever, polio, rubella, mumps and measles.

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On the other hand herpes zoster also has a definite vaccine that is utilize. The herpes vaccine is employ to avoid chicken pox and shingles to occur. Even if this kind of vaccine is different from the vaccine for genital herpes, it works through injecting to weaken the infection. The vaccine for chicken pox and shingles both has a strain of waned varicella zoster virus.

Having a herpes virus is no longer a problem due to the herpes vaccine that is present. If you think you have a herpes virus or you want to aid yourself not to acquire the infection, you can contact your physician to know the right time to have the vaccine. It is advisable to ask them for the kind of vaccines that is essential to be injected in your body. Physicians are the only person entitled to determine the right kind of vaccine to be injected. Also, by doing this you do not only protect yourself from getting the infection but as well as you protect your general health.

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