Herpes is terminal and tremendously contagious. This is the reason why you must consult it with a physician if you’re displaying symptoms of the disease.  It is important that you would not just ignore the sign and symptoms of herpes nor try a few over the counter medication that can relieve the annoyance; however it will do nothing for the problem. Only your doctor can recommend and tell you the things that you have to do and what medication is appropriate for the herpes.

At the same time herpes can really exists in the body with no notice of signs, for there are some signs and symptoms that are very common. You can just notice some rushes in your genitals. You can sometimes notice some swelling and itchiness on it as well. And if this signs persist, you need to rake them seriously. When you also experience difficulty in your urination, then this can also be a sign of herpes.

Symptoms of this disease are normally noticeable. The bumps can cause discomfort and pain. This can either have leak fluid or burst totally and then start to produce scabs.  Meanwhile, topical ointment like antibiotic cream can also afford some degree of the relief from this pain; this is not substitute for the treatment by your physician.

Most men that have experience herpes can also have flu-like symptoms in the course or prior to the herpes outbreak. And this may also include fever, fatigue and headaches. Though the symptoms don’t occur to everyone, you must be aware of this if they appear, particularly if you already have been diagnosed with herpes.

When herpes virus is already present in the body, there are lots of factors that can lead to the outbreak. And this may include elements and allergens in your diet as well as radical temperature and others. Stress too can also trigger this disease.

On the other hand, herpes virus in a person’s body is present for life. At the same time as the period of being infectious occur during the outbreak. The most rational course of action to this is to prevent from sexual activity. There are number of reasons why these signs and symptoms are very similar to cold sores. The cold sores are forms of herpes that can occur around the mouth, while the genital herpes appears in the genitals. These came from the same type of virus and are easily transmitted to the others.

The only difference of the two is that the cold sore is pretty obvious and the genital herpes is not. Man can acquire herpes virus in their body without thinking it, as this can happen without symptoms and signs. And in most cases, the genital herpes symptom is being ignored and sometimes it is mistakenly attributes with something else. When you are experiencing or exhibiting any of the symptoms, or when you have has an unprotected sexual activity, it is a must that you take an evaluation from your doctor the soonest possible time.

If you don’t have time to visit your doctor then you can try anti-herpes medicine like Acyclovir.